Press Releases

Press Release #13 -- Dear Mr. Romney

Press Release #10 -- Obama Freaks: Seeks to Stop Sibley and Suppress Sibley’s Subpoenas

Press Release #9 -- Sibley Presents Evidence to Court of Criminal Tampering of Records Related to Obama’s Birth and Judge Bates Refuses to Rule on Motions to Hold Obama in Contempt

Press Release #8 -- Obama’s Eligibility Challenged in New Law Suit
and Sibley Seeks Appointment of Hawaiian Examiner to Subpoena
Obama’s Original Birth Records

Press Release #7 -- Obama Ignores Subpoena Served on Him to Produce original Birth Certificates in Court/ Sibley Files Motion
to Hold Obama in Contempt-of-Court

Press Release #6 -- Preliminary Injunction Hearing in Sibley’s
Electoral College Lawsuit Challenging Obama’s “Natural Born Citizen” Status and Subpoena Issued for Obama’s Original Birth Certificates

Press Release #5 --Potus Write-in Candidate Sibley Files Suit Against Barack Hussein Obama, II and the Electoral College to Prevent Violation of Article II, §1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution Which Requires the President Be a “Natural Born Citizen”

Press Release #4 --Sibley Challenges Obama’s Right to Be on District of Columbia Ballot

Press Release #3
-- Sibley Forces Supreme Court to Rule on Obama’s Eligibility to Be President

Press Release #2 -- Sibley Alleges Wire Fraud by Obama

Press Release #1 -- Sibley Announces Candidacy, Sues Obama


Platform #1 -- A Write-In Candidate Can Be Elected

Platform #2 -- The Emperor Has No Clothes

Platform #3 -- The Rule of Law Must be Reinstated

Platform #4 -- Congress Must Be Re-Formatted for the 21st Century