My quixotic run for President in 2012 is over.  My sworn-to obligation to defend the Constitution against enemies domestic or foreign is not.  Hence, given my skills and knowledge, I must continue the legal challenge  to the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, II to be President until this last legal battle has been decided.

That final legal challenge was -- with my help -- lodged on October 18, 2013, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington:  In Re: Douglas Vogt, Case No.: 13-cv-01880-JLR.  Initially, three pleadings were filed in that suit which forensically demonstrate that Barack Hussein Obama's Certificates of Live Birth ("COLBs") are forgeries.

The first pleading is entitled Notice of Commission of (i) a Felony Cognizable by a Court of the United States as required by 18 USC §4 --  Misprision of Felony and (ii) Treason against the United States as required by 18 USC § 2382 - Misprision of Treason and Motion to Seal Document.  This pleading summarizes the following two pleadings and asks the Court to refer the factual allegations concerning Obama's COLBs to a grand jury for investigation.

Attached to the Notice of Commission is the 95 page Affidavit by Mr. Vogt which lays out in irrefutable detail the twenty distinct points of forgery of Obama's COLBs.  Note that the linked Affidavit is in black and white which fails to fully convey the evidence the way the original color affidavit filed with the Court does.

The third pleadings is a presently-sealed 65 page affidavit by Mr. Vogt that presents compelling forensic evidence which identifies the individuals who forged the COLBs and follows the chain-of-custody of those forgeries to Mr. Obama’s Press Conference of April 27, 2011, when he made the following statement regarding his Long Form Certificate of Live Birth: “As many of you have been briefed, we provided additional information today about the site of my birth . . .”  Upon request of the Court, a Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion to Seal Document has also been filed.

Yet the success or failure of this case now depends on a single federal judge deciding whether or not to let a grand jury investigate this important matter.  That, of course, puts all our eggs in one basket.  Hence, why I now ask you to help.

Our litigation plan envisions sending Doug’s public affidavit – and offering the sealed affidavit – to as many of the 625 federal judges as possible in the hope that – like Diogenes – there is at least one honest judge among them who will exercise his or her discretion to call a grand jury to investigate Doug’s sworn-to allegations.  The cost that neither Doug nor I can bear solely involves color reproduction (the affidavit has numerous exhibits which must be viewed in color to appreciate the forgeries) of Doug’s public affidavit and the mailing of the same to federal judges.  The cost/judge is $31.65 ($26.60/copy + $5.05 postage) per 95 page affidavit.  In greater print runs there are significant savings:

50 copies = $26.60/copy = $1,330 + Postage (50 x $5.05) = $1,582
100 copies = $20.90/copy = $2,090 + Postage (100 x $5.05) = $2,595
200 copies = $18.00/copy = $3,600 + Postage (200 x $5.05) = $4,610

We intend to couple this mailing with a press release/publicity event and hopefully the end would be a public demand for a grand jury investigation that would force the judges to relent and let the grand jury do what only it can: Investigate with the power to force testimony and obtain documentary evidence free of judicial restraint.  Additionally, as there are some 2,300 federal grand jurors now sitting.  The goal of the publicity would also seek to find a presently-sitting grand jury who would on their own take up the investigation.

Thank you in advance for considering helping Doug and me in this final legal battle to protect the Republic from enemies both foreign and domestic.  I am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have and can be reached at the "Contact" button above.  If you want to support this effort,
please donate:

All donations will be used exclusively for photocopying, mailing and press release related expenses.

As always,
thanks for your kind prayers and emails of support.  They mean a lot.